Working Dogs in Action Photography | Aston-Le Walls - Double Gun Day - 08/12/2015
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Please browse and enjoy these images however we ask that you don't screen shot any of them for use on social media or for any other purpose. Contact us to purchase. All were taken on the 8th December 2015 during a day I spent with Steve and his team of beaters and pickers up. All the photographs were captured on a double gun day which was held at Aston Le Walls. Please do feel free to comment.
Aston-Le-Walls-1-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-2-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-3-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-4-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-5-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-6-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-7-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-8-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-9-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-10-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-11-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-12-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-13-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-14-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-15-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-16-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-17-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-18-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-19-Double Gun DayAston-Le-Walls-20-Double Gun Day